The Hollow Face Illusion

I’ve always been a fan of optical illusions, but didn’t know they all had official names. Like this one for example. If you’ve been to Disneyland in the last 30 years you’ve seen this illusion in the Haunted Mansion!

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I Got Me Some Smart Friends!

You see that ad for the iPhone app book in my sidebar? It’s not something I just put up out of the blue. It was written by my friends! That’s right, they’ve made it big in the iPhone app industry and decided to share how they did it with the masses. One of the tools for success that they used is outsourcing. That is, in fact, how they developed the apps. Why? Because they don’t actually know how to program them! Which means that, if you have an iPhone app idea, you don’t need to know how to program either! That’s what their book is all about.

Check out their featured article on Elance!

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Epic Green Screen Magic

By now, I think we all know that just because a person on a TV show is standing on top of a mountain or in front of a humongous space ship doesn’t make it true. Most movie go-ers know that “movie magic” makes things possible. But do we know how they did it exactly? Where is the blue screen? Is it only the actor and a giant green wall behind them? This video can help give you a better picture of what goes on during shooting:

What really amazes me too is the confidence of the production team. There are basically saying, “Just stand right there and pretend you are walking on the moon — I’ll make it look like you are.”

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