It’s OK To Say Merry Christmas

Honestly, deep down in the bottom of your heart,
how do you feel when someone says, “Happy Holidays” to you?

I used to feel slightly warm on the inside as Christmas became more and more secular, but this year not at all. Not warm, and definitely not fuzzy. I feel like they’re just saying a seasonal version of “have a good one!” And when some one says that, I don’t get all sappy and think, “Wow! That person really wants the best for me in life!” So I prefer—just like I always have—a “holiday wish” for the actual holiday that it is. And I do the same thing in return!

Even though I’m a Gentile, I still wish my Jew-pals Happy Hanukkah. Because I do want them to have one, even if I don’t. And if my Jew-buddy reflexively said, “Happy Hanukkah” back – would I be offended? Of course not! Because of their intent. But it seems like people are scared of offending some non-Christian who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Your intent is to spread good cheer, so who cares if they’re Xian or not? I really appreciate it and feel both warm and fuzzy inside when someone I don’t know wishes me a Merry Christmas. So, Merry Christmas everyone! =)

Just in case you need permission from someone…

Or if seeing it on a shirt makes it ok…


It’s OK to say Merry Christmas. =)

6 Responses to “It’s OK To Say Merry Christmas”

  1. Marissa Says:

    Seriously, man! I have a friend that responds with Happy Holidays when people say Merry Christmas to her. So I told her when I left that day, “Happy Hanukkah!”

  2. DS2 Says:


    She probably didn’t even flinch, huh?

  3. Shakira Isabel Says:

    I got grilled for this one a few years ago. I was going to the flight deck of the Spruce Goose and before I went up the stairs to the cockpit I passed a man and said happy holidays. He turned to me and said “where are you from?” I told him and we went on to have a great conversation about what it is like here in Oregon and what it is like for me here in Los Angeles. He said don’t be ashamed of what I believe in. I still do not say merry christmas but you have a valid point. Things suck and I am too worried about someone offending someone so I don’t say it still. But like you say if someone told me Happy Haunakah (garbage spelling!) I would not be offended it does not hurt or bother me why does it bother them so much?

  4. DS2 Says:

    I’m really not sure why anyone would be offended by the spreading of good wishes. =(

  5. Shakira Isabel Says:

    Beats me, to me it’s more of the thought that counts kind of thing. I dont think many people would do it with bad intentions.

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