The Downfall of a Nation

Precogs have become popular again on TV—probably due to how many there are in Heroes—and also on the internet. Sometimes the future is bright, but in this case it’s bleak. I was very ambitious this month and started a presidential campaign. I thought I could handle all the stress from traveling, Paparazzi and speech memorization – but I was wrong. After consulting with Mrs. Petrelli (who saw my future in her dreams), I now know the consequences of my actions. The breaking news that she saw was absolutely terrible. I’m so sorry Nation, I didn’t know it would come to this…

3 Responses to “The Downfall of a Nation”

  1. DthemanN Says:

    Exactly. Everyone go vote early: the corner of Ruffin Road and Clairemonet Mesa off of 15, everyday from 8-5:30pm until Nov 4th. Bring an ID and a camera or cell phone w/ camera so you can

    Especially you younglings and asians: both demographics that are so effing lazy and uninvolved when it comes to voting. Don’t sit on your asses then complain when McCain wins, starts some shit with Iran n Russia, hurts himself trying to use a computer, and you get drafted by President Palin to go and fight the mother of all wars in preparation for the coming Rapture.

  2. DthemanN Says:

    PS: McCain hates gooks.

  3. Shakira Isabel Says:

    This is genius! Daryl is the shit :O)

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