Santa’s Inbox

It’s not often we get to take peek behind the scenes when it comes to Christmas, but Holy Taco found a way! Thanks to this screenshot of Santa’s GMail inbox, we get to see how he interacts with everyone from the common father to Al Gore. We get a glimpse of the raunchy life of Frosty the Snowman, the playful humor of God Himself, the bitterness of Rhudolf & The Easter Bunny, as well as the legal battle with Harpo Empire.


Oh, and you score an extra bonus point if you know what movie the Easter Bunny’s status is a quote from (without looking it up, of course).

The email snippets are quite hilarious!

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5 Responses to “Santa’s Inbox”

  1. DthemanN Says:

    Haha that’s a classic. Kingpin too for the bowling comedy genre. Fucking nihilists.

  2. teresa Says:

    hahahah oh geez daryl. that’s cute hahah

  3. jtien Says:

    he’s not even really jewish

  4. Marissa Says:


  5. Shakira Isabel Says:

    I like the random Viagrara email inserted in there. It looks like my inbox :OP

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