Return of the Dragon

“Martial Arts has a very, very deep meaning as far as my life is concerned because as an actor; as a martial artist; as a human being; all these I have learned from martial arts. To me, okay, to me… ultamately Martial Arts means honestly expressing yourself. I mean it is easy for me to put a show and be cocky, but to express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself… and to express myself honestly, now that my friend is very hard to do.”

– Bruce Lee

This philosophy is one of the reasons why I list Bruce Lee as some one I look up to.  In any area I am passionate about, I live by this philosophy.  I may not be the winner at every game or do every task perfectly – but when I do I usually accomplish things in a way that is my own.  Often times, this results in some one saying, “Whoa, where did you learn that?” or “Only you would pay attention to something like that!” This is all fine and dandy if you ask me.  Moreover, it makes very happy when someone recognizes some small detail that I threw in and didn’t mention.  =)

Of course, this same pattern shows up during table tennis. Because, honestly, not many people play the sport exactly the way I do. But then again, no one plays table tennis like Bruce Lee either!

4 Responses to “Return of the Dragon”

  1. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    Is that for real? If it is that is awesome. He can kick two different asses at the same time. That phone is cool too.

  2. DthemanN Says:

    Damn! I just dropped over to your page to show you that link too. Figures you already saw it. Yea he’s one of my very very few contemporary philosophical inspirations. His writings are actually quite intelligent, but most only know the ass-kicking side. Even in the course of developing that side though, he branched out beyond the kung fu he learned and studied boxing, fencing, etc. Knowledge is power. I accumulate power the way Palin does the eviscerated remains of the English language: daily; leaving behind bloated piles of run-on sentences, faux-folksy fragments, and rambling incoherencies worthy of an ESL classes’ “How Not to Talk” lesson.

  3. Marissa Says:

    Oh my god that is SICK!!!!! That is so cool!!! I can’t even dream about that kind of coordination and timing!

  4. livvy Says:

    hm…this reminds me that i need to go see his burial site in Seattle…let me know if you want me to tell him anything.

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