Reinforcing Stereotypes: Female Drivers

Even though stereotypes are normally a bad thing, I’m all for them if they’re used for purely comedic purposes. Also, since I’ve been hearing a lot of man-hatery recently, I thought I’d restore balance to the universe by sharing this video:


My mom can’t really drive in reverse very well at all, but she will never be as bad as these women…hopefully.

5 Responses to “Reinforcing Stereotypes: Female Drivers”

  1. Shakira Isabel Says:

    That is sad!
    It reinforces my thought of making the driving test harder. I truly belive at least 50 percent of the people driving DO NOT! belong on the road. Funny thing I have always heard that European driving tests are alot harder than ours. Judging by this video they seem to have the same problems. The guy who got out of his car and parked for the woman in the green car is PRICELESS!

  2. Moon Says:



  3. DS2 Says:

    No way dude!

    Jon LaJoie said that women are good for 3 things!

  4. liv Says:

    are you the reason that shawn showed this to me or is shawn the reason that this is up here?

  5. DS2 Says:

    I dunno,

    I never sent it to him or talked about it. But it totally sounds like something he would spread. =P

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