Now You’re Playing With POWER!

  During a comment marathon on my last post, a childhood friend and I took a trip down memory lane. Not only did we reminisce about about classic games like Super Contra and Track & Field, but one particular item came up. He asked me if I had a Nintendo Power Glove! Remember that thing? Wow, I sure did have one! Back then Fred Savage captivated us all with his boying charm on the The Wonder Years. Given that, once he played an epic nerd role in the movie The Wizard, it was all over…I had to have one.

  Those were the days! Haha……heh……what? Are you waiting for me to admit I still have one? Are you waiting for me to tell you that I displayed it like a showpiece for all to see when I worked at SCEA to gain some sort of “nerd-cred“? No way! How lame would that be? What kind of weirdo would keep such an abysmal controller with no hope of ever plugging it in again? Just to use it as a prop in a movie in order to win Nintendo products?  

Who does that?



  I sure hope people think that abomination belongs to the Korean guy in this video instead of me. Unless you’re a nostalgic gamer, then I’ll admit to owning it. =)

5 Responses to “Now You’re Playing With POWER!”

  1. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    Funny XD there was some creative genius at work there. The whole chin-pokomon battle scene was hilarious.

  2. DS2 Says:

    Hehe, “I want to bee the veeeery best!”

  3. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    No updates! there has to be something going on :O)

  4. DS2 Says:

    Hehe, something did go on. I was away at a tournament…update coming up!

  5. Swish Says:

    That video was hilarious, nice work!

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