The Real World: Farmville Edition

There are tons and tons of free and cutesy games on Facebook. Some are not fun at all *cough*Fishville*cough* and most of them can never be beaten. I, as a gamer, am not used to that at all. Even on-going RPGs (e.g., WoW) at least have end-game content so you have something to strive for.  So, for these Facebook time-wasters games, you have to make up your own goals. For Farmville, my goal was to have a Black character running a plantation — complete with a hedge maze!

Along the way, Farmville has special animals that you can collect from that yield fun items. For example, you collect chocolate milk from the brown cow and you collect ice cubes from the penguin. Fun, right? One day, a baby elephant was available. I got one and placed him in the middle of my beautiful maze. Then, just as I was living in my fantasy world with my Black man running his plantation, I was snapped back to reality and quite shocked when I went to collect from the Baby Elephant.

Man alive! This game is too real for me!

Collecting Ivory

Ever wanted to find out what happens when games stop being polite and start getting real?

4 Responses to “The Real World: Farmville Edition”

  1. Jarin Udom Says:

    Hehe maybe next they will add Angolans that you can collect blood diamonds from

  2. DS2 Says:


  3. Marissa Says:

    WHAT?! Before you could collect circus peanuts from the elephants!

  4. Jason Says:

    1st of all: ROFL for the right-click on the elephant. 2nd: Props for capitalizing the word/adjective “Black” 😉

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