Black Dynamite!

When I first saw this trailer, I thought it was just a fun, spoof trailer reminding us of the Blacksploitation film genre. After all, who wouldn’t think that with Arsenio Hall playing a character named “Tasty Freeze” and narrative lines like:

“My main man, Black Dynamite! He’s super cool and he know kung fu! Drives a $5000 car wears $100 suits!”

“Guaranteed to put yo ass in traction!”

Hahahaha! After I stopped laughing at “I am smiling!” I looked on IMDB to see if it was real…and it IS! It comes out this October! So get ready – for Black Dynamite!

One Response to “Black Dynamite!”

  1. Mombassa Jesus Says:

    Black Dynamite is the most righteous brother on earth! He has come to KICK SOME ASS! And that shit is funny too!

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