Don’t Be a Douche

I didn’t think I’d see it in my lifetime, but it seems like they’re trying to change the California constitution to include a form of discrimination.

Most of the people in my neighborhood who post “Yes on Prop 8” signs on their lawns are very religious people who got the sign for free from their Church – which is down the street. And even though they quote the Bible in saying that being gay is wrong, they lie in their TV commercials saying that kids will be taught in school about gay marriage or that orphanages will have to shut down.

NO public school in California is teaching anything about marriage and won’t start after this proposition – the superintendent of schools even said so himself.  Some of this fear came from things that happened in Massacuhsetts—like when a teacher read a controversial book in class—but it had nothing to do with the law itself. But I fear it is too late, some of the people I’ve talked to who are voting Yes on Prop 8 already firmly  believe that if it doesn’t pass, their children will be taught that marrying someone of the same sex is an “option” for them.  =(

So as I drive home everyday, the Yes on Prop 8 people yell at my car telling me to “keep marriage sacred!” and to not let people living a life of sin to marry each other. I don’t know where they live, but straight people live in sin too and they still get married–a LOT.

When I went to vote, the NO on Prop 8 people were very nice, cheerful and simply wanted to keep discrimination out of the laws of California.

So instead of being angry and yelling at people as they drive by, the Yes people should look at lines like these from the Bible.

Genesis 1:27 – “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them;”
Mark 12:31 – Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.
John 15:12 – This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.

Since humor is my forte, I can’t help but mention something funny surrounding Prop. 8. I found this video when researching statements in Yes on Prop 8 commercials—which consisted mostly of scouring YouTube—and found it particularly hilarious. As an added benefit, it’s actually informative.       

Not only does it talk about the difference between “ghey” and “gay” (which many males use all the time), but it actually informs you about what voting Yes and No means. Of course, it tells you in a way that exposes that they are against the proposition, but then again so does every commercial. =)

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  1. DthemanN Says:

    This post is hella ghey.

  2. DS2 Says:

    Your comment is super ghey!

  3. princess popo Says:

    thank you.

  4. princess popo Says:

    you should check this out:

  5. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    Your post stuck a chord in me. Do you have children? I do have one at home. I have a immediate family memeber who is gay. I love her and her being gay does not affect my love for her. She is still my family. I dont stray away from her or discriminate against her. But our child has seen her and her girlfriend kiss. You want to talk about confusion? you should have seen the look on her face. And the comment she made. Seeing things like that raise questions and create confusion. How would you handle that situation with your own child? Are you gay or straight btw? The line has to be drawn somewhere. I think you took those bible quotes and used them incorrectly. God loves everyone the bible says it. But it does not mean we are to do what ever we please. Sin is real and we all do it. No one is immune to it. That is WHY Christ died on the cross. So don’t go there as far as pointing your finger towards others and saying they sin too. That is plain wrong. You and I sin we are NO different. The difference IS who asks for forgiveness and who tries to change and follow the teachings of the bible. Who accepts the gift that Christ offered and shed his blood for. That is all. A marriage is between a man and a woman period. That is the way it has always been. Find me a place in the bible where it is another way. You can’t. How are we to have children? it was not until the last 10-20 years that science has changed that. But still man has been given powers that could be used for the better but as always he does not always use them correctly or wisely. I have gay people around me. Very close people in my family btw. Never would discriminate against them or anyone else. True there are people who will do that but there are bad seeds in every packet. I like to think I am above all that. I look at both sides and try to come up with the best informed and educated decision. What I dont like is people trying to shove sh*t down my throat. The people have spoken in voting it down why should it be thrown away? what is the point of voting then? There is much more that I could say but I respect your intelligence and believe you get my point. I am not trying to change your opinion just letting you know my two cents. Thank you :O)

  6. DthemanN Says:

    Yes, he does have children. I am his child. Know how he handled it when I saw him kiss another man? He TALKED to me like a mature adult should when teaching their children about the world. Maybe she made that comment because she was externalizing what she has internalized from her environment. Children do not grow up in a vacuum. Their responses and reactions originate from what they have been taught and exposed to.

    In regards to all the bible talk:

    “How are we to have children?” It’s called adoption.

    “I have gay people around me. Very close people in my family btw. Never would discriminate against them or anyone else.”
    Demanding that they be singled out and treated differently under the law sure sounds like discrimination to me.

    “What I dont like is people trying to shove sh*t down my throat.” Like when one particular religious group tries to legislate their personal beliefs so that the rest of the population has to live by it.

    “what is the point of voting then?”
    Voting is not the end-all in America. Our three part government is designed to protect the minority from the passions of the majority (e.g.: racial and gender inequality). That’s why we have a judicial system.

  7. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    I never push my religious beliefs on anyone. I am not like that. How old are you? If I remember Daryl was about the same age as me. Making you at the most 12. Maybe I am wrong correct me if I am.
    I am sorry but your adoption statement does not work for me. I am talking in the traditional manner of of having children. If men and women did not engage in sexual activity then children are not possible. It is clear that god intended for a man and woman to be together. You can take that or leave it. BTE some people dont need to be procreating XD
    Why after all these years do gays have to impose themselves and their beliefs on traditional marriage? As far as discrimination goes it is going to happen regardless if there is a law or not. It is not the cultural norm for people to be gay. Some people just don’t like gays period. Maybe it is because of fear, not understanding etc etc.
    Going to the point of religious beliefs. This country was founded on Christian values. There were no Muslims, Buddist’s, Jehovah’s witnesses, etc etc here at that time. Hell some common religions now did not even exist at that time. N-e ways I am tired of hearing about people crying about being discriminated against. I know some people do experience real discrimination but as a whole no one persecutes you for practicing your own religion or being a person of color. Yes it does happen I don’t live in a bubble. I see it and hear it often. This is the freeest country in the world. The United States is truly the best place to live on earth. Yes it has its pits and downfalls. This country has come along ways in a short time. I am sure none of us are old enough to know the true pain of discrimination. I have not experienced it but them I am not a man of color. Just imagine living in a situation like the Japanese had to endure during the second world war. That is discrimination. No one except them knows that kind of true pain.
    Lastly to the point of Majority vs Minority. What do you think will happen to Prop 8 if it passes? It will be tied up in the courts and the peoples vote wont matter. It is kind of frustrating don’t you think? Thanks for your time and I appreciate your response. :O)

    where is Daryl in all of this?

  8. DS2 Says:

    Hey Ali,

    I’m straight and don’t have any kids (that guy posting here is just my opinionated friend in real life). And I can definitely see how your child could be EASILY confused about what (s)he saw. But YOU will be the one educating your child, so I am confident that your child will be fine, because you will give him/her a solid education when it comes to things that happen in our society; which is exactly what I will do with my own children. But maybe for less skilled parents, this might be much more difficult. Plus, if damn near any child accidentally walked in and saw almost any other semi-kinky bedroom activity, I’m sure they’d be just as confused. 😉

    I really hope I didn’t give the impression that the people at Yes on 8 rallies sinned more or that I’m better than them or that I sin less – cuz I don’t. I was just trying to hammer home 2 points: The first is that I do NOT want explicit discrimination written into the constitution—state or federal—we have enough going on without laws. I know you’re opposed to discrimination too, but just want to draw the line somewhere. My second point I think you’ll agree with too, because you said it. I don’t like people trying to shove their views down my throat either. Or lying to persuade people’s votes!

    I felt very robbed when I learned that the lies of the campaigners were believed by my friends. If my friends believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman (because the Bible does say that), then that is fine. But the reasoning I got from my friends in San Diego was that they thought that without Prop 8, gay marriage would be taught to our children in public schools. Moreover, they didn’t want gay people being married at their church, because without Prop 8, they thought churches would be forced to marry them or risk a lawsuit (even though the First Amendment prevents any kind of lawsuit). And since some of my friends have kids in public schools, so they didn’t want the school teaching that, THEY wanted to teach their kids that (which is best in my opinion). But it was too late, they had already voted yes by the time I told them about what the superintendent said or about how the First Amendment allows churches to deny whomever they please (even straight couples).

    Thanks for commenting Ali, you’re always welcome here. =)

  9. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    Just the kind of response I would expect from you. Nicely said :O) It is nice to have a small place to discuss out views even though we come from possibly different sides of the isle. Funny thing I thought hmmn your Myspace page says you are straight. I figured someone was blowing smoke. Having conversation like this is nice. I have some ?’s I would like to discuss with someone who voted for Obama.
    1 Why did you vote for him?
    2 Do you feel his lack of experience will be a factor?
    3 How do you feel about his equality doctrine?
    4 Don’t you think his religious views contradict his voting record meaning issues like abortion etc?
    Give me some feedback. I did not vote for him but I am interested in hearing your opinions and comments. He is going to be the man in charge so we have to stand behind him regardless. Nothing will get done if the bickering continues. The thing that scares me is this division in this country.

    Btw off the political subject
    Daryl are you a Gears player? I remember you being a pretty kick ass gamer. Are you still? Are you on XBL?
    My screenname has not tipped you off? to my real identity? it has been along time think about it. Though I am forgettable :O(

  10. DS2 Says:

    Hey Ali,

    I think that why I voted for Obama demands a new post! =)

    But here are the short answers:

    1) McCain woulda been ok for the US, but I feel Obama is good for the WORLD. McCain can’t go overseas and have 100,000 people come out to listen to him on behalf of the US.
    2) I think that his relative lack of experience will help prevent him from being jaded and keep his excited. Plus, that’s what advisors are for.
    3) Even though Obama doesn’t support same sex “marriage” (emphasis on the word), he wants it so they have the same rights as married people (e.g. transferring property easily). I would rather have that then just being black & white about the issue.
    4) I think in complex situations—like say abortion—you have to examine the details. Like when Obama voted against banning partial birth abortions…at first I thought, “What?! Why not ban them?” But when I read that he voted against it because there were no provisions for protecting the life of the mother I think, “Well, yeah…no sense in both of them dying because of a ban.”

    I really like gears, but I don’t get a chance to play it often. I’m a PS3 mostly.

    Here are the games I play online:
    1) COD4 (a little TOO much)
    2) Super Street Fighter II: Turbo on GGPO
    3) Street Fighter Alpha 2 on GGPO
    4) Street Fighter 3: Third Strike on GGPO

    I’m also starting DOTA again after a LONG break. =)

    What’s your gamer tag?

  11. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    I get your point.
    Things I look at are issues of taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor. This is complex but a short explanation of how I look at it. Some people our poor because they are downright lazy. Or they make poor decisions that put them in situations that lend to poverty like having children out of wedlock and teenage abortions, drug use, criminal activities etc etc. They want hand out’s and want something for nothing. Then you have the hardworking people who study and work hard for what they have. Why should they be punished? I dont want to give my money to someone who is not deserving. It reminds me of the current immigration situation. You have two classes of immigrants here. The ones who fly the right way and the ones who want to take the easy route. I know a lot of immigrants who filled out their papers and became citizens the legal way. They work hard and are entitled to the same as everyone else. Then you have this “new” generation of immigrants who have this sense of entitlement. Like something is owed to them. They want to blow through all the rules and get it for nothing. This is plain wrong. N-e ways I flew way off the subject :0/
    To the issue of experience. I am afraid that with Obama’s saying of we will meet with Iran with no strings attached seems kind of naieve (spelled wrong) to me. Then you have the very real threat of terrorism and the current situation with Russia developing again. Remember our last young real inexperienced president? JFK he made some blunders when it came to Russia. Now we are not in that same situation that we were in the 60’s but it does not seem to me like it would take much to slip back into a cold war. I personally don’t trust Democrats when it comes to national defense. They are too liberal and don’t seem to have a good grip on the reality of who hates us and the threats they pose to our security.
    I agree with you on the issue of rights for gays. But I dont like the idea of them imposing their version of marriage on traditional marriage.
    Lastly I don’t know much about abortion. I have feelings on it but to be honest I know nothing of Obama’s voting record on it. So commenting on it would be kind of dumb to me.

    Now to the fun.
    The PS3… I have one but honestly it is kind of a dud system to me. :O( The 360 has too many good games going for it and a kick ass streamlined online system. I guess you are into the fighting games huh? What is GGPO?
    My gamertag is Shak1ra. I usually am playing Gears and I cannot wait for gears 2. I pre-ordered it and might go at midnight to pick it up. I wont be able to play it much cause I have to be at work early. Do you have a XBL screenname?
    Still no idea who I am huh? man it has been along time.

  12. DS2 Says:

    Even if I had a 360, I don’t know what I’d play besides COD4 & SF HD Remix. =)

    Shak1ra? Hehe. My XBL tag was Black_Abobo, but I canceled it. I did that because I used XBL ONLY for CVS2 and SF Anniversary edition. But since GGPO is a FREE fighting game matchmaking service, I moved over to it exclusively.

    I’m having real trouble remembering who you are. But if you go all the way back to Ventura Canyon, daaaamn. Did you live next door? Down the alley? Did you used to get free lunch with me at Erwin St. school? MAN, those were the days. =)

  13. Shakira Isabel Says:

    It depends. Free lunches? hmmn…Was that during the summer was there a yard lady named miss Hitt? Who had a crooked eye? she would be yelling at someone else but looking at you???
    The alley was that by circuit city? there were a bunch of bad ass kids there that used to throw rocks at cars right?

  14. DS2 Says:

    Daaaaamn, you’re bringin’ me BACK!

    Yes, the alley by Circuit City. We didn’t throw ROCKS at cars, we threw walnuts! Ripe and unripe…but they still did some damage. =P

    There was a great lil’ group of us there. Teresa (the Black chick) from the apt next to me, Stuart Hughes (and his younger brother & sister) down the street, Johnny from the house next door (who had WAY more Nintendo games than I did) and this one lil badass girl who used to brag about how she could pee standing up.

    Ring a bell?

  15. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    Haha that girl also had some bad ass brothers Chad and Randy. Johnny Palmerson he was kind of a tool. But he did have a assload of Nintendo games. Terry was one of the coolest people I have ever known. I wonder what happened to her??? :O(
    Getting to the point of throwing things I think they also threw Oranges when they were available from the house down the street. There was a white car parked in the driveway that never ever moved. To be honest it is still there to this day. That alley was a perfect throwing point cars would come out of Circuit City and would be perfect Targets for the Walnuts. That is right there was a Walnut tree at the end of the alley. Our hands would be green from throwing them. I remember how many times the brake lights on cars would come on followed by the reverse lights. People would come hunting for us as we hid in all the apartments.

  16. DS2 Says:

    OH YEAH!

    Terry! That was it! I still remember those stairs we had to go up to go get her. Johnny did have a crapload of games, but what I REALLY remember is him using a turbo controller to cheat at playing “Track & Field”. But honestly, that made me a better gamer because I had to compete with the NES Advantage. =P

    But, more importantly, what was the girl’s name? I still remember one time she jumped up on a car and danced to “Pump Up the Jam” in a skirt. And I thought to myself…hmmmm, this is strangely hypnotic…but why? LOL!

  17. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    The girl who jumped on top of the car was probably Heather White. There were not too many girls around that area. Those stairs sucked going to get Terry sucked! The last I heard she joined the military. My dad saw her before he passed away. You had a pretty tough landlord Ernie or something and his dad who wore wooden shoes. I think they were probably a bunch of escaped Nazi’s :o/ i think there may have been a few of those guys around there. Btw yes you did Pwn in video games! didn’t you have a power glove? Do you remember the shooting at the bar that took place right across from your living room window? Do you remember wrestling in Johnny Palmerson’s living room every Saturday afternoon when his mom left??? Man we used to bash each other!

  18. DS2 Says:

    Heather, yes!

    And MAN did we ever bash each other! I think those wrestling matches was the first time I got hit in the balls for REAL, haha. Remember the Lime throwing battles in his backyard? MAN those hurt if you got hit. Why were we so violent?!

  19. Ali Bahib Camcar Says:

    The wrestling matches were violent. I remember body slamming each other on his carpet witch was nice hard concrete underneath! The lime battles were painful! I dont know I am not particularly violent now. but I can be not for things like destroying cars n stuff. So by now you have to be on to who I am. Whaaaaaatttttttssssssss up! XD you know I actually looked you up on myspace. Some people you never forget :O) where did you move to after you moved away like Northridge? Your mom’s name is Connie right? and your dad had a white Cadillac right?
    Sorry sh*t is I just moved away from there in July man how things changed there. :O( that area is the toilet now. Do you remember when one of us bought Super Contra (probably you I was so damn broke)and then like beat it in 15 minutes and tried to return it at Circuit City? Do you remember playing the Super Nintendo they had there? Man playing that was like being in heaven. I remember how awesome the graphics were.

  20. DS2 Says:

    What up maaaan?!

    How come you didn’t request me a friend on MySpace then? And how did you remember me? I look just like everyone else! =P

    MAN, Super Contra! Remember how much RC-Pro AM we played too? Super NES is still one of my favorite systems. Remember how COMFORTABLE the controllers were compared to NES?! Geez.

    After Ventura Cyn, I moved to Northridge, then another shooting happened across the street from THAT house as well, wth? So finally we moved to the other end of Northridge and my mom (Connie) still lives there. Where did you move to?

  21. Shakira Isabel Says:

    How could I forget you XD. I am not that big on MySpace. I will send you a friend request though. I have it to keep in touch with a old friend of mine. I am a bit too shy to be blunt about saying hey remember me. But hitting your site on a daily basis made me want to say hi :O) I like the site btw. We did play the crap out of that game and anything else we could get our hands on.
    You still have that power glove! ZOMG you are awesome. I would admit to it :O) then again I also have about 500 origianl Transformers so I get made fun of all the time. People just dont get it.
    N-e ways I got married about 2 years ago and moved to a house in North Hollywood. I just moved out of the apartment in July @#$%^&* damn place! I needed a place to store all my cars. My real email address is

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