Different – But Same!

Most of the time, we point out how different the sexes are: How we react to things, how we live our everyday lives, how we express our emotions, etc. But every once and a while we should realize that there are parallels. We do a lot of the same things, just a little differently. 

For example, I should not be berated by a woman for watching Japanese Anime when she watches fictional Korean dramas. Men should not be making fun of women saying they “waste” their time watching soap operas when they watch professional wrestling. It’s the same thing! It’s just that we are entertained in a slightly different way.

As for expressing emotions though, sometimes we are exactly the same…just over different things.  =)

4 Responses to “Different – But Same!”

  1. Philip Sharp Says:

    I did that the first time I saw a PC-Engine LT in person. 😉

  2. freeze Says:

    That one guy clapping with hands with his fingers open and moving his legs up and down cracks me up

  3. Julia Says:

    Hahaha..hilarious, but also slightly disturbing.

  4. Marissa Says:


Speak on it!