Best Birthday Wish Award

On the internets, there are many ways to be reminded when someone’s birthday is. But on Facebook, people seem to really love wishing a person Happy Birthday as early as possible.

Being the first to wish someone a happy birthday right at midnight via text, call or wall post, is kind of cool & fun – but 2 days early?! I know during Christmastime, we say, “Merry Christmas!” well before the actual day. But should that really apply to birthdays? Well, as John Pinette would say, “I Say Nay Nay!”

Nevertheless, I do appreciate all of the birthday wishes, because it’s the thought that counts. This particular birthday picture let me fully know that my old Alemany high school buddy was thinking of me.  

So the Best Online Social Networking Birthday Wish Award goes to….Kris Kuhn!

Speak on it!