Stinky Tofu

The smell of “Stinky Tofu” is sometimes described as rotten garbage. After hearing that, I had to try it. I’ve had it before in the United States, and it was indeed a little stinky. I was told that real Stinky Tofu is in Taiwan, so what better place to go than a Night Market in Taiwan!

The taste of this local fare was quite good, but the smell is quite the opposite. I think “rotten garbage” is kind of a harsh description. To me, it smelled more like old, musty, and slightly mildewed gym socks. The image on the right can be enlarged if you click it, but alas, it is not scratch-n-sniff.

(The other dish in the picture is fried eel noodles…also good.)

2 Responses to “Stinky Tofu”

  1. noko Says:

    bizarre food with daryl sterling jr. on travel channel? ahaha gotta try that stinky tofu too.. i’m so jealous that u guys are tearing up in taiwan… and with anthony!!! GAHHH!!! hope the rest of the trip is stinky as the stinky tofu!! hahaha

  2. Marissa Says:


Speak on it!