Aussie Talk

Steven Fry has a very classic English accent, but he amused us with his Australian accent in this episode of QI. As a bonus, Adam Hills shows us how Aussies can make sounds and communicate without there being any clear words in their mumbled sentences. 😛

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Daryl Sterling Jr.’s ESPN – Page 2 Interview on Table Tennis

Hello fellow members,

A few weeks ago, I got invited to a last-minute happy hour session at Cozymel’s down here in San Diego. Somehow, my friend’s co-worker’s friend from outta town just happened to be a sports reporter for Fox 10 News in Mobile, Alabama. As soon as he heard that I play table tennis, he was all about it. He said he was interested in doing a story about me for because people there liked ping pong too, but I thought he was just being nice. As it turns out, he was quite serious!

Check out the interview online:

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Look Who’s Talking

Remember the movie Look Who’s Talking, about the babies with John Travolta? One of the reason why I liked it is because they don’t make the babies’ mouths move; so, it was more like just vocalizing their thoughts. Nowadays, commercials with talking babies (e.g. E-Trade) or animals often have their mouths moving to match the words. If it looked natural, I wouldn’t mind…but it doesn’t…so I do. That being said, I feel the same way about animal videos too. I’d much rather have them “thinking out loud” rather than trying to computer-animate their jaws to look like humans. Kind of like this:

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